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Lucidyne Technologies

Acora offers the spare parts, service and sale of the proven Lucidyne Grade Mark Reader - there are over 400 units in operation all over the world.

Lucidyne opened for business in 1985, offering integration solutions for more than 20 different industries. The company’s employees take great pride in the work they do and in their organization.

Lucidyne is large enough to be flexible and effective, yet small enough to have a business-family atmosphere that complements their unique and historic home - a bright and spacious three-story stone, brick, and marble building that once housed the community's first bank.

The men and women who work inside design and manufacture cutting-edge high technology engineering solutions for the forest products industry. From Service to Administration, and from Fabrication to Sales, the teams are staffed by highly-qualified personnel. They are enterprising, creative individuals who are not afraid to cross traditional boundaries to make sure your job is done right.

Lucidyne brings you the best, most innovative and technologically advanced systems available. They know how to make things happen.

For more information about Lucidyne products click their logo below to visit their website.

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