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    Acora Design and Project Management


    Design & Project Management

    Acora specialises in the design and manufacture of all types of machinery and materials handling equipment related to softwood and hardwood sawmilling and the general process and manufacturing industry throughout Australia.  Our Design team utilises state of the art 3D solid modelling and drafting software, with capabilities that range from 'stand alone' custom machinery to complete turnkey installations that are new or integrate with a customer's existing plant.These designs utilise all manner of transmission and conveying principles requiring electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drives and articulations. We also design buildings and structures of all sizes including integral access walkways, landings and stairways.Acora's Design Department is able to design innovative solutions for clients in a range of industries. The key benefit for our customers is that we can demonstrate these solutions in a virtual 3D environment prior to manufacturing commencing.This gives our clients the unique benefit of visualising their equipment in their work environment before costly manufacturing variations materialise. Potential conflicts and space constraint issues, that may not otherwise be obvious, can be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.Our Design team plays an integral role in our Manufacturing division, which gives them a unique insight into issues often faced when manufacturing commences. In addition, the Manufacturing team have a significant advantage because they have a clear vision of what the equipment will look like and how it functions.Acora integrates their design acumen with some of the best process control equipment manufacturers in the world. By having access to both top European and North American ingenuity we are able to offer our clients the world's best technology, right here on your own soil.

    Board Handling

    Processing the log into desired sawn products is, of course, only part of the solution. Acora offers a variety of board handling solutions, green and dry, modest and ultra high speed.Again the task is to select the best fit solution given the product details, the required sorting and packaging, the feed speed and budget.Acora has undertaken many challenging projects, with such things as thin board handling, modest space availability and specialty sorting requirements. Also integration into existing lines is an opportunity to minimise downtime and reserve capital.Tell us what you need and we will, without obligation give you the benefit of our experience.

    Log Handling

    At Acora we can offer purpose-designed log handling lines or refurbished (subject to availability) depending on the need and budget of our client. We offer heavy duty log decks, step feeders, screw feeders, tilting chain and conventional kicker systems.


    Quality and Innovation

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    At Acora we service the timber and manufacturing industries with our excellent team and dedication to providing innovative solutions!