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    Carbotech, EWD, Gilbert, Prinz, DK Spec, DO2, Ultimizers, VAB Solutions and PMP Solutions + more...

    Acora partner with a number of the world's leading sawmill equipment manufacturers including Carbotech, EWD, Gilbert, Prinz, DK Spec, DO2, Ultimizers, VAB Solutions and PMP Solutions.


    • Prinz Product Catalogue 2023

      PRINZ SPECIALISE IN CHAINSAW TECHNOLOGY   Please find the below Product Catalogue for all PRINZ p...

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    • Carbotech International

      Carbotech International is among the most innovative companies in the industry and has been a major ...

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    • DK Spec Inc

      DK-SPEC has been a part of the forestry industry for many years. Through their vast experience they ...

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    • Gilbert

      Gilbert Products Inc. is the market leader in the design and manufacture of planing equipment. Thei...

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    • EWD

      EWD is the manufacturer of innovative and custom-made solutions for state of the art sawing technolo...

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    • Lucidyne Technologies

      Acora offers the spare parts, service and sale of the proven Lucidyne Grade Mark Reader - there are ...

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    • DO2

        DO2 began operations in 1936 under the leadership of its original owner Roland Boulanger. The ...

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    • Prinz

      As a leading Austrian company in chainsaw technology, PRINZ has been developing and producing crossc...

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    • PMP Solutions

      PMP Mission To implement the best software solutions that will contribute to the products industry...

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    • Ultimizers

        The Leader in Optimizing Equipment for the Wood Remanufacturing Industry Ultimizers focus...

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