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    Acora Equipment - Loaders, Dividers, Stackers, Unscramblers,Trimmers, CNC + More...

    Acora Equipment - Loaders, Dividers, Stackers, Unscramblers, Trimmers, CNC + More...


    Sawdust Disc Screen Separator

    Acora's in-line Sawdust Disc Screen Separator is a heavy-duty, trouble-free unit designed to separate sawdust and fines from a chipper infeed. It comes with a unique leading accelerating splined roller (rotating faster than the belt) followed by a carry over bar to make sure blocks do not become wedged between the belt and the first row of the bridge plate wheels. It also has chute works ready to connect to waste suction. It is fully sealed and so mess free.

    Stacker and Course Divider

    Stacking is not just about the stacker, you must get the wood to the stacker and away again. Acora's Course Divider is a positive unit that will precisely produce the right size course (layer) and deliver it to the Stacker, so that the Stacker tines can run continually. The result is a Stacker that can run much slower, but has such high up times it actually stacks more wood!AcoraStackers run with servo-controlled tines so we ramp the speeds up and down, which can be varied for the type of timber you run (some can be run fast, but some have to run slow because of the nature of the wood). Our design drops the chains, so the tines run in and out without the complexity of twist fork or fork raisers, so the action is simple, effective and lower maintenance.Options such as variable pullback to spread the course evenly to match stick length, far end pushers, end patters to square the pack and secondary hoists are all available for the standard range.

    Tong Loader

    PLC Inc’s Tong Loader heralded a revolution in sorting and loading throughout the world and Acora's proud to bring this unique piece of equipment to Australian sawmills. The Tong Loader is now manufactured under licence in our Eden workshop to our own exacting standards for Australian conditions, using locally sourced metric components.We now have eleven units in operation and there are over 400 operating world-wide. The cam-driven Tong Dog design can handle the most difficult sorting operations, at speeds up to 288 lugs per minute. Guaranteed lug fill provides optimal shift production. Features: Accurate high speed efficiency Increased efficiency from maximum lug fill Adaptable for all types of production and a huge variety of random lengths and sizes of timber Speeds from 50 lugs per minute to over 250 lugs per minute No hydraulics, no electrics – all simple mechanical parts The Tong Loader can be fitted into your existing line within a weekend. It has easy installation, easy operation and easy maintenance.


    Acora builds a great medium-duty Trimmer. It is well priced and ideal for up to 100 lugs per minute.Attention to detail has been used in the critical areas of hold down shoes, air valve and lines (air valves outside the trim box) noise suppression, dust control and access for saw change and maintenance.We use direct coupled motors, so no problems with belt breakages and the associated problems of a trim saw not working or belts ending up in your chip pile.The design uses a pre-tensioned counter balance for the motor with hydraulic dampening, so actuation of the saw ladder requires very little energy and thus they are quick.


    Acora's Unscrambler has evolved over time and experience into a machine that is: Heavy duty construction with a quality finish Low maintenance design giving smooth, quiet running Gives a high efficiency rate Driven by a shaft mounted gear box which is in turn belt drivenby an electric motor.          This reduces the risk of damage if there is a jam up Unscrambler well depth and shape designed for individual applications Our machines can be fitted with adjustable ridge bars or fixed ridge bars. We believe that this is a critical part of design that ensures efficient transporting of the boards out of the Unscrambler well. Also unique is the shape and height of the waterfall. This is very important to ensure that boards fall free with separation and not on edge.  

    CNC, Robotic & Machining Technology

    Acora boasts some of the best state-of-the-art equipment in the shire. We provide quality workmanship to all our customers no matter how big or small. With a wide range of equipment, resources and expertise, we offer only the best in various manufacturing and engineering solutions.   

    CNC Plasma Cutting

    If you need plasma cutting we are one of the most capable and affordable providers. We stock a wide variety of materials, use state-of-the-art machines and diligently follow all design specifications. We continually strive to improve and optimise our processes and to maximise customer convenience.  CNC Plasma cutting is a process of cutting 2D shapes from sheet metal using a high temperature, high velocity stream of ionised gas. Plasma cutting offers low cost as no custom tooling is needed. The process is especially cost effective for thick metal sheets - we are capable of cutting up to 40mm plate.


    Quality and Innovation

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    At Acora we service the timber and manufacturing industries with our excellent team and dedication to providing innovative solutions!