PRINZ saw chains, a cut above the rest!

Scraper Chains for lumber packages and pallets

PRINZ scraper chains are very successful in cutting lumber packages and wood used for producing pallets as they assure a smooth and accurate cutting finish of ±1mm (.040“).PRINZ scraper chains are available in all types and sizes and suit almost all common chainsaws. Carbide tipped chains are giving amazing results to ensure extended chain life and to cut hard materials such as paper rolls in the paper and recycling industries.

Chipper Chains to process logs

PRINZ chipper chains are perfectly suited to cut logs easily and rapidly. The high level of in-house production and use of new materials guarantee a maximum cutting capacity while minimizing sharpening costs. With a special sharpening, PRINZ chipper chains are ideally suited to cut logs horizontally. Carbide tipped chains are ideal for cutting frozen and dirty wood.


Saw Chains to cut plastic

PRINZ PLASTICUT has been developed to cut a variety of plastics. Its distinguishing feature is its special tooth geometry, which also allows it to cut large plastic pipes.


Carbide Tipped Chains for soft stone

PRINZ has developed the CARBIDE CUT chain range to cut soft stone. These chains are ideally suited to cut tiles, bricks, aerated concrete and sandstone. They are frequently used for window and door cutouts and have been optimized for jobs in construction and renovation (e.g. eliminating wall moisture).


Saw Chains for concrete and natural stone



There is also a range of tools ideal for maintenance and chain repair, including both manual and automatic Chain Sharpeners and a Rivet Breaking & Riveting machine.


For more information on PRINZ Saw Chains and Tools you can download the pdf here.

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