PRINZ offer a range of package saws for either stationary or mobile use.

PC120 - the optimum solution for sawmills and pallet works

The PRINZ PC120 has been developed specifically for very high production output and a fully automatic, uninterrupted production process. Thanks to the PLC control system, the automatic cutting sequence parameters can be changed easily, with precision cutting guidance on both sides ensuring maximum cutting accuracy of ±1 mm (.040”), even at maximum cutting output.

CUTSTAR - highest precision, modest space

Ideal for just those situations where you do not have much room to work in, but you need maximum cutting accuracy. With the mobile CUTSTAR, stationary lumber packages are cross-cut to the required length at a cutting accuracy of ±1mm (.040”). A compact and cost-efficient solution to meet the most stringent demands.



MOBILCUT & MOBILCUT COMFORT - optimised lumber production

PRINZ package saws with a mobile sawing unit bridge the gap between mobile cross-cut saws mounted on wheels and fully-automatic installations with roller tables. The guide bow guarantees high cutting accuracy. Combining them with PRINZ chipper chains also guarantees a smooth and clean cut surface.



PROFICUT, ECOSTAR & TWIN-L - mobile and efficient, for universal use

Mobile cross-cut saws by PRINZ are universal and are the ideal entry- level model for efficient cross-cutting of ends and cutting through logs and stacks up to 120 x 120cm. You can not only cut wood easily and reliably, you can also cut gypsum plates, paper rolls, plastic pipes and much, much more.



For further information on PRINZ Package Cross-Cut Saws you can download the pdf here.

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