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EWD is the manufacturer of innovative and custom-made solutions for state of the art sawing technologies in sawmills.

Esterer WD was founded in Germany in 1996 to become the future-oriented, worldwide active joint company of the two companies, Esterer AG, founded 1862 and Wurster + Dietz GmbH & Co., founded 1867. Today their export sales quota exceeds 80% of turn-over.

A combined 145 years of experience and competence in the design and supply of sawmill machinery are a solid base which Esterer WD is building on.

The benefits for their customers are technology competence and the innovative strength of a strong, customer-oriented company, offering all sawing technologies from a single source.

Bandsaw Technology

Reducer Bandsaw Systems
Chipper Canter Quad Bandsaws and Chipper Canter Twin Bandsaws

The QuadroLine Reducer Bandsaw allows for the processing of large sawing heights with minimum saw kerf.


Band Resaw Systems
EWD has Single, Twin, Tandem, Triple and Quad bandsaws for the resawing of pre-sawn timber with a thin saw kerf and with almost unlimited sawing heights for the green sawmill and dry mill processing.


Log Bandsaw Systems
For large and high grade log sawing of soft and hardwoods, EWD’s log bandsaw technology is ideal.

The Log Bandmill range of EWD starts with the single cut headrig with 1400 mm wheel diameter and a basic controls package and goes all the way up to the Tandem headrig set-up with 1800 mm wheel diameter.


RoboLine System
This is a compact bandsaw system with a minimum footprint for all saw patterns. With one bandsaw system the RoboLine allows the sawing of custom-sawn timber, dimension products and live sawing, without a merry-go-round.

Circular Saw and Profiling Technology

Circular and profiling technology, like no other sawing technology, stands for high production and high sawing accuracy. The profiling lines - an interaction of chipper canter, profiling and circular saw technology - today dominate the sawing of timber in the big softwood mills.

With the application of modern scanning and positioning technologies as well as cutting path optimization right up to the active curve sawing technology, ArcoLine modern profiling technology is well suited to use the increasingly expensive resource to its optimum.

The ArcoLine resaw process was developed to provide active curve chipping and bandsaw technology for maximum timber recovery.

All processing units, such as chipper canter, profiling unit and circular saw unit are available in varying design modules. EWD can offer individual solutions, precisely trimmed to respective production requirements.

Economical concepts for processing volumes of 30,000 cubic metres log intake in a single shift operation up to 1,000,000 cubic metres in multi-shift operation are available.




Edger Optimizer Technology


EWD’s OptiDriveLine is a high performance Edger Optimizer System for more than 20,000 boards per shift with 50-70 pieces per minute.


The OptimesLine edger optimizer is a versatile and powerful system for high piece counts. It proved maximum value yield in the performance classes of 30-40–50 pieces per minute.



The CombimesLine edger optimizer and resaw system is very robust and provides reliable excellent production and recovery figures, even under the toughest conditions. It provides steady performance and high added value in the performance class of up to 25 pieces per minute.

Manual Fed Edger DK 90

The manual fed edger and gang circular resaw DK90 is the perfect supplement to main break down machines such as sash gangsaw or log bandmill in small and medium sized sawmills.
Economical concepts for processing volumes of 30,000 cubic metres log intake in a single shift operation up to 1,000,000 cubic metres in multi-shift operation are available.

Sash Gangs

All EWD Sash Gang Saws are characterized by a time-proven, extra heavy-duty design. A clearly structured machine set-up with easily accessible component groups allows easy care and maintenance of the machine.

The flywheel assembly can be changed without dismantling the side frames. The side frames and base plate are made in an advanced, stable and torsion-resistant cast iron design, crank pins and fly wheel shaft are made from special steel.

The upper sash guides are water-cooled by a cooling unit and a closed water circuit to reduce wear and ensure smooth running of the machine. The overhang of the sash frame is automatically adjusted according to the selected feed speed. Maintenance-free spindles and worm gears adjust the overhang plates.

The sash gang saw is equipped with a hydraulic feed drive, with variable speed control over the full speed range. In combination with the automatic overhang adjustment the oscillating feed drive achieves an optimum relation between saw speed and relative feed speed. Rubbing of the saw blades is eliminated as far as possible and the sawing of large logs is made considerably easier.

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