The fastest and most effective planers in the world! But that’s not why you buy a Gilbert – it is so perfectly engineered for ease of set-up, maintenance, and precision, that speed has become a by-product and additional benefit, even at speeds of 200 mpm, a Gilbert planer can show a return on investment that is unmatched.


Gilbert have proven their successful Pull-Through technology, the very best sawmills have commissioned Gilbert to create the most efficient planer mill solutions. These planers run with a small gap between each piece of wood, ensuring every piece of wood is dragged through independently, regardless of the space. Such is the clever technology of Gilbert.

Other features:

•         Unique and innovative in design – a push of a button opens the machine up and re-sets it

           to exact position, no re-measuring of boards
•         Sturdy modular frame
•         No need for a long bridge
•         Easily maintained, all electric, CNC positioning
•         High feed speed of up to 1200 meters per minute
•         Production capacity of up to 300 pieces per minute
•         Rapid return on your investment
•         Improves production
•         Keeps planing visible


To view a video of the Planer please click here.



Accolades for Acora Apprentice

Congratulations to Jacob Topping for being the Runner Up in the 2022 Regional School Based Apprentice of the Year Awards last week in Wollongong.

Jacob R/Up Apprentice of the Year

At Acora we would like to show our support for Jacob Topping who has been a School Based Apprentice with our business since March 2020 in the Fitting & Machining Trade. Jacob is starting his 3rd year of his SBA and proving to be a valued member of our staff and will continue his trade qualifications with Acora once he finishes high school. Our business consists of 14 Tradesman, 5 Professionals and 7 Apprentices and we have strong beliefs in training and developing our employees to excel in the Fabrication and Manufacturing industry. We are a diverse company but our work mainly consists of Sawmill Equipment Fabrication that is specially designed, manufactured and installed by our team across Australia and New Zealand. Acora has been in business for 55 years and we are one of the main employers in our small home town of Eden on the Far South Coast of NSW. In one of our most technically skilled trades, Jacob has shown great maturity and capability in his role with Fitting and Machining. Our machining workshop has a variety of machines and technology that range from ‘old school’ equipment to state of the art CNC machinery, Jacob has excelled in the use and application of all of these machines. Accuracy and precision is key to this trade and Jacob shows patience and concentration when working with allocated projects in our machine shop. He will always ask first rather than fix later. Jacob brings to the workshop a fresh view on problem solving and how to best set up and complete a job efficiently, effectively and accurately. In our industry these attributes are critical to running a successful business. He is always invigorated after his block at TAFE in Wagga and applies his learnings to the workshop environment and is happy to update our ‘mature’ workers on current techniques he has learnt in the classroom. For his age, Jacob has proven that he can adapt easily to our ever changing environment and he is always willing to step outside his comfort zone to learn more about our business and the industry. His rapport with his team members is to be commended for a young man of his age, and he is confident and willing to contribute in any group setting.

Here is a video of an install of the Gilbert S-Series+ Planer in New Zealand by the Acora & Gilbert teams

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