Acora has been in business for close to 51 years. During that time we have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge. We bring know-how to every new client or project to ensure the best possible solution is offered for our customers.

In addition, we have consistently expanded our operation to include world class design, project management and manufacturing. Our focus is on solutions, not selling a range of equipment, we prefer to analyse a client's problems or requirements and then recommend a specific solution. We do partner with a number of the world's leading sawmill equipment manufacturers including Carbotech, EWDGilbert, Prinz, DK Spec, DO2, Ultimizers, VAB Solutions and PMP Solutions.

Acora is committed to enterprise improvement for its clients, where our expertise in design, manufacture, installation and project management of sawmill and optimising equipment has seen large increases in value adding to maximise the potential value of our precious resources and plantation timber assets.

To us a project is a partnership between our client and us. We measure our achievement on the success of the solution we have created for them.





Video of ANWE Conveyor Rebuild

Congratulations Paul!

Acora Team congratulating Paul on the new addition of Ella into his family!
Congratulations to Paul from our Design Team who has welcomed a baby girl into his family!


Acora continually search the world for the best applicable technologies. We have formed partnerships that are designed to bring real benefits to our customers and industry.
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Acora have a broad range of equipment lines from standard conveying systems to roll cases, transfer decks, unscramblers. All designed and built specifically for the timber industry.
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Spare Parts Department

Acora works alongside the industry's best suppliers. If we can't source it, we will design and build it for you!
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Acora prides itself on being a solution based company. Our approach is results-based so we generate a solution, in partnership with our customers.
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Used Equipment

Acora will often sell equipment or parts that we have in excess.
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